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ANPAN: an international meeting in Genoa for the custom procedures simplification

With an event organized by ANPAN, the working group of the European Commissione, headed by Michael Lux, had a meeting in Genoa.
Here 25 experts including officials and experts delegates worked on a project related to the development and centralization of the custom code and of the relative operational instructions.
ANPAN (Associazione Nazionale Provveditori Appaltatori Navali) and the european association OCEAN (Organisation of EU shipsuppliers) thanks to the cooperation of ANASPED (Federazione Nazionale Spedizionieri Doganali), Confindustria Genova and ATRI (Travel Retail Italia Association), under the support of the Port Authority, of the Camera di Commercio and of the Comune di Genova, hosted the EC representatives.
From (italian): [SHIP2SHORE - - 16 Febbraio 2009]

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